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Robert Perry, Studio Teacher,

“...is exactly what we want as a Studio Teacher,"

commented the famous and internationally known producer Patek Philippe of Geneve, while I was educating children actors in one of the first built and most revered mansion’s located on top of Malibu’s beautiful peaks overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


Robert J. Perry - Studio Teacher

  • Studio Teacher

  • Welfare Worker

  • Baby Wrangler

  • On-Set Tutor


Working as a Studio Teacher with Kirstie Alley’s kids in the Hollywood Hills, who often commented, “Robert you’re the best Studio Teacher we’ve ever had,” during our On-Set Tutoring sessions while teaching economics and political science was an engaging and enlightening experience. As an independent teacher/contractor, and as part of the "talent/crew production team," we traveled and filmed at different locations around the U.S.

Disney World and the Disney Channel is another Studio Teaching arena where I worked and traveled as an On-Set Location Teacher teaching On-Set Education with celebrity child actors for the famous television show Sunny with a Chance.

In addition, I worked as an On-Set Education Location Teacher during the filming of a Target Department Store commercial marketed for children. The commercial was shot while riding on San Francisco's famous cable cars and resulted in being one of the most fun and challenging experiences as an On-Set Tutor. Creating an On-Set Academic Teaching Environment in such an exciting place transpired into a great educational and successful production.

State of California
Studio Teacher Certification #91930

robert perry - studio teacher, california, florida, new york



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