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State of California
Studio Teacher Certification #91930

Robert J. Perry - Studio Teacher


About Robert J. Perry - Studio Teacher

"I pursue my passion...working as an educator."

My excellent classroom management skills are combined with a natural ability to communicate multiple subjects to students clearly and effectively with an “infectious enthusiasm.”


Completed Master's Degree Coursework for my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at UCLA and earned my Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at National University; Graduated with a B.A. degree in Speech Communication from San Jose State University. I've developed life saving skills by earning an A.S. degree in Fire Science, which included certification in basic fire fighting skills and training as an Emergency Medical Technician. In addition, I recently earned a Single Subject Teaching Credential in English and a Studio Teaching Certification, which grants me the opportunity to work with child actors as an “On-Set” academic teacher and welfare worker. 

Teaching Experience:

I currently work with child actors three weeks of age to eighteen years as a Studio Teacher. I worked as a 3rd and 4th grade teacher at Roy Cloud School. My first year at Roy Cloud, I taught 3rd grade and the following year I was granted another opportunity to teach a combination 3rd and 4th grade class. Many of my student’s first language was either Russian or Spanish, which challenged me to create “hands-on” lesson projects and activities that encompass different learning styles needed to teach effectively in diverse classroom environments. My first summer school teaching experience was at Castro School, which required a temporary teaching permit that allowed me to help 2nd grade ESL summer school students prepare for 3rd grade. Prior to being a credentialed classroom teacher, I worked as a P.E. teacher, assistant 4th grade teacher, after school sports coach, and as a program director for five years at Gateway School. Furthermore, I substituted for K-12th grade students while earning my teaching credential. I also worked many summers as a camp counselor, waterski/wakeboard instructor, surf instructor, wilderness survival guide, little league baseball coach, and was an English instructor for students in the Czech Republic.

Special Skills/ Related Interests:

Traveling, surfing, and acting are three of my greatest passions that directly influence my enthusiasm and love for teaching. I have always been able to inspire students to want to learn about a topic or subject they might not initially seem interested in by relating the lesson to one of my worldly surfing adventures or by relating the lesson to some of my theatrical or independent film acting roles in California. I am also skilled at turning textbook material into projects and activities that engage students in many different learning styles other than the traditional form of teaching using a required text, paper, and pencil as instruction. 


"Robert Perry goes far above and beyond the call of duty as a teacher. Any 'professional organization' who employs him will benefit beyond question."

- Principal Roy Cloud School, Marilyn Silicani



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