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Robert J. Perry

Studio Teacher

State of California
Studio Teacher Certification #91930

Studio Teacher

Welfare Worker

Baby Wrangler

On-Set Tutor

Robert Perry - Studio Teacher


As a Studio Teacher, I teach math, science, language, and other state mandated subjects to child actors on movie, commercial, and TV sets.

In addition to communicating the subject matter in a clear and concise manner, child actors, students, teachers, parents, production, and educational staff often comment on how I have a gift for making learning fun and exciting because of my "endless enthusiasm."

Being a Welfare Worker is my primary responsibility on the studio set. Safety comes first in order to protect the child actor(s) from being over worked, not being paid in a timely manner, and preventing the possibility of any kind of abuse.

child actor welfare worker

baby wrangler


Baby Wrangler is a skill I use to help the cinematographer get babies to smile, laugh, and behave in an appropriate way, which enhances the action in the script.

On-Set Tutor is what the actor/students and I do to help make their academic learning a very favorable and memorable experience, which challenges them to earn an "A" grade on their assignments so they can continue working as child actors.

Robert Perry On-Set Tutor

Parent & CFO of Foundry Networks, Timothy Heffner states:

"Robert Perry is someone I highly recommend on both a personal and professional level. I have observed him working with students and my own children over the years and discovered how he has an innate ability to bring innovative ways of teaching and learning to the educational environment."



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